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Help build lasting change for the world's children.

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A better and fairer world for children – especially the most vulnerable. Right now, we're making it happen. With supporters here, and with communities around the world. Are you with us?

While extreme poverty is steadily declining, there are still too many children without access to life’s essentials. Essentials like safe water, education, and good health and nutrition.

Our long-term goal is to ensure the ongoing wellbeing of 20 million children by 2021. Our approach to making this happen is based on decades of experience.

We know the most effective way to change children’s lives is to change their world – their family, their community, and the local area.

And we know that real transformation happens – and lasts – when communities are empowered to change their own circumstances. And then to sustain and build on that change. 

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Support community development – the most comprehensive and effective way to change children's lives

For long-term development, we partner with groups of communities in defined regions called Area Development Programs. These involve 10,000 to 50,000 people and last up to 15 years.

 Each context is different, and we work alongside communities every step of the way. We support them to define their goals and drive development. So they can keep moving forward, long after we’ve gone.

Create change in all of our areas of work

Real change means tackling the bigger picture. When you support community development, you’re helping to address all of the complex and connected causes of poverty below. 



Reaching one new person with clean water every 30 seconds, and improving sanitation and hygiene practices. 


Reducing preventable deaths by improving women and children's health and nutrition through high-impact, innovative interventions.


Improving access to education around the world, so children can learn reading, basic maths and essential life skills.


Helping millions of people to build improved and resilient livelihoods, so they invest in the future and increasingly provide for their children. 


Providing life-saving assistance to communities affected by humanitarian crises, including natural disasters and conflict.

Harness our expertise in building sustainable change


supporters around Australia

share in our life-changing development, relief and advocacy work.

50 years

of experience

building lasting change where it's needed most.

65.5 million

children in 2015

benefited from our programming and advocacy work, in ways both big and small.

Support community development
Help build lasting change for the world's children. 
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