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Goal 1
Improve maternal and child health and nutrition
Goal 2
Increase food production and incomes

Fish raising provides a valuable source of income

Thanks to World Vision’s livelihood training program, fish raising has given community members like Khambang and his family access to sufficient income all year round.


Five key initiatives to improve health

World Vision has promoted nutrition practices through cooking for infants and young children. We’ve also been supporting the district health office and health centre to conduct a mobile outreach clinic.

The community is learning about good sanitation and families are being supported to improve their household sanitation facilities. A community water supply has been constructed and a water management committee has been established.


Providing new livelihood opportunities

Our livelihoods project has provided families with training and basic resources to establish rice cultivation. Thirty-two households and four primary schools have received crop seeds for home gardening. We’ve distributed cucumber and watermelon seeds to seven model farmers for cultivation.

The project has also provided 50 goats to 10 households – which now have produced nine offspring – as well as offering training on goat raising.


Thank you for your generous support of the Xaybuathong community

Xaybuathong is a rural community in the south of Laos – around 80 kilometres from the provincial capital.

Most families in the area rely on farming for both their food and their income. However, as a result of unreliable rainfall and crop pests, many farmers are unable to produce enough for their family. Malnutrition is common among children and a lack of clean drinking water means that many people are affected by illnesses such as diarrhoea.

With your support, we can improve the health and wellbeing of children and their families in Xaybuathong. Your contributions will help to provide the community with greater access to medical care and nutritious foods for a better quality of life.


Meet the community of Xaybuathong

In Xaybuathong, poor hygiene and dirty drinking water can create serious health problems for families. Your continued support will help us to provide ongoing healthcare solutions for the community, while also improving nutrition and increasing household incomes – making a lasting difference to the lives of many children and their families.

How we can make a difference

Improve maternal and child health and nutrition

In Xaybuathong, the health of mothers and children is a particular concern.

Together we can build a stronger and healthier community by:

  • Teaching mothers and caregivers about health and nutrition
  • Supporting local healthcare centres to conduct mobile outreach clinics
  • Improving access to clean water
  • Promoting improved sanitation practices

Increase food production and incomes

Many farmers struggle to produce enough food to meet their family’s needs.

Together we can provide families with the resources they require to increase crop production as well as their household income by:

  • Enabling families to set up home vegetable gardens
  • Building community fish ponds to provide an additional source of nutritious food
  • Provide farmers with training and resources to raise small livestock

Hear from Ammala Thomisith, World Vision Laos Public Engagement Officer

Now Vanna has easy access to clean water

Vanna, 13 years old, remembers when he and his mum Vone, 45 years old, would wake up early to fetch water from the well. If they arrived at the well too late, there would be no water left.

“Sometimes we woke up at 4am, but there still wasn’t enough water,” said Vone. “I felt tired, but I had to do it. I wanted to help my parents,” said Vanna.

The work didn’t end there. Firewood needed to be collected in order to boil the water so his family could use it safely. This hard-working boy lives in central Laos with his mother and father.

Since then, World Vision has partnered with the Xaybuathong district government to conduct training and support villagers with their water and sanitation issues. World Vision provided them with materials to build a water tank system so the community can now access clean water year-round.

“Our village is really different from a few years ago when we were faced with a lack of water. Water collection was a difficult task placed on women and children,” said Vongdeun Sysavath, the village chief.

This incredible development was made in the period of one year, and has helped transform lives. I left Vanna and Vone’s village feeling proud to work with an organisation like World Vision.

These fantastic stories are just the beginning. Having seen the faces of the people in the community in the Xaybuathong area, the change your support makes is real. Together we’re making a difference.

Ammala Thomisith

Public Engagement Officer
World Vision Laos

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