Building resilience for the future

World Vision is helping to provide families in Mweiga with the tools and training needed to make positive changes in their community. Economic empowerment is also helping to stabilise families and improve children’s wellbeing. 

Child protection

Improving child protection and children’s participation

Across Kenya, there are many problems which violate the rights of children, like early marriage, female circumcision and violence against children.

In Mweiga, 1,000 children in 20 schools have been trained in life skills and children’s rights. The children are passing this knowledge onto their peers and family members.

Fifty community members and faith leaders were also trained in children’s rights, growing their understanding of all forms of violence against children.

World Vision is helping people learn to identify child protection issues and teaching them how to identify, report and avoid incidences that violate children’s rights. We partner with local law enforcement and government, so that they can respond appropriately to these reports.

Collective awareness of children’s rights and ways to handle abuse is important to break the ongoing cycle of violation of children’s rights. By working alongside communities to raise awareness of child rights, World Vision aims to make communities safer places for children to grow up.


Developing better livelihoods and stronger resilience

Training has equipped 1,257 people to set up and operate savings groups. These groups help members to work towards a financial goal, anything from paying school fees for their children to starting a small business. Savings groups help parents plan their finances better, so they are more prepared for financial strain and can support their children’s needs.

Working alongside government officers, 20 farmer groups have been trained to improve their produce, access better markets and attract better prices. 200 youths have learned about youth entrepreneurship, developing their business skills and receiving financial training. Sixty-two health volunteers have been trained in maternal and child nutrition and are sharing their knowledge with mothers’ groups in the community.

As the community works together, it creates a halo effect of economic growth that can benefit the entire region. The end goal is a more prosperous community, where families have the resources to provide a good life for their children.


Hear from Jonathon, Mweiga Area Program Manager

School improvements bring joy to students

The Mwiyogo village in the Mweiga region has fallen significantly behind in terms of economic development. One of the more disastrous impacts is that children’s education has fallen behind, with many students struggling to get the most from their classes and others dropping out altogether. Students often have to walk long distances to reach the nearest schools. Once they arrive the facilities are run down and unsafe, not offering any protection from rain or pests. School is not a positive environment for children to learn in.

Issues like lack of parental support to keep children in school, ineffective school management, poor school infrastructure and lack of reading materials worsen the situation. Poor quality education results in many students not passing their final school examinations, thus being unable to continue to high school and other vocational schools to learn livelihoods skills.

"Children in this school have really suffered to the point of losing hope in schooling," explained Lucy Njuguna, who is in charge of the feeding program for Mwiyogo primary school in the Mweiga region.

World Vision has now built and fitted out a new, beautiful school room for the Mwiyogo students. "With this classroom, I am very optimistic that this will enable our children to have strong educational foundation. We thank World Vision immensely," says Lucy.

Children in Mwiyogo are once again excited to go to school – and secure a brighter future for themselves. This means they will not have to resort to alternatives like moving to cities to look for work or, for girls, getting married early.

This fantastic story is just the beginning. We are working on a wide variety of projects in the Mweiga region, from child protection through to livelihoods and improving healthcare.

Seeing the genuine happiness and enthusiasm brought about by the opening of the new school house, as well as how it has become a catalyst for action in the community, just shows that the change your support enables is real. Together we’re making a difference.

Jonathan Lepoora
Mweiga Area Program Manager

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