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Goal 1
Empower households to increase food production and incomes
Goal 2
Improve education standards
Goal 3
Improve the health of children and families

Saving for their children's future

This year, 76 community members participated in savings group training facilitated by World Vision. Families in Chihota are actively saving and lending money, which has helped them provide food and cover education costs for their children.


Focus on change through economic development

World Vision is supporting livestock production through the Materera chicken project, the Gukuta piggery project, the Nyandoro irrigation project, the Chivizhe fish project and the Mudzimirema egg production project.

Families are improving horticultural and home garden production, and we’ve also introduced a village savings and loans program.


You’re helping 3,625 households

Collectively, the livestock production projects are being run by 75 women and 32 men. Local leaders have pledged to build further infrastructure to help production at the chicken factory.

We have supported five households with children who have a disability.


Thank you for your generous support of the Chihota community. Chihota is a rural community one-and-a-half hours’ drive from Zimbabwe’s capital of Harare.

Changes to the climate as well as poor soil and limited access to seed and fertilisers mean that many farmers struggle to grow enough food for their families. As a result of this, child malnutrition rates are high, along with instances of ill health. Schools in the area also lack adequate resources.

Together, we can improve the livelihoods of families in the Chihota community. Your contribution can help to provide children with better schooling, as well as provide families with the resources they need to stay healthy.


Meet the community of Chihota

For many families in Chihota, it can be difficult to produce enough food year-round.

With your continued support, we can help to create lasting change in this community through education and training. By focusing on nutrition, improving health facilities and supporting local schools, we can facilitate sustainable improvement in the lives of Chihota’s community members.

How we can make a difference

Empower households to increase food production and incomes

Due to varying factors, farmers in the community of Chihota often can’t grow enough food to meet the needs of their families.

Together we can improve the livelihoods of community members by:

  • improving farmers’ crop and livestock production skills;
  • improving irrigation and promoting climate smart farming practices;
  • identifying new income opportunities; and
  • supporting the community to better prepare for and respond to natural disasters.

Improve education standards

In Chihota, many children do not receive adequate schooling, which is often due to a lack of resources.

Your support will help to improve education in Chihota. Together we can provide children in the community with more opportunities by:

  • building and renovating classrooms and equipping schools with more learning resources;
  • introducing adult literacy classes; and
  • raising awareness about the rights of children with disabilities and improving their access to education.

Improve the health of children and families

Many community members in Chihota are particularly vulnerable to disease.

We can help to create a healthier community by:

  • improving health facilities and ensuring they have the necessary equipment and supplies;
  • training village health workers;
  • facilitating health and hygiene education; and
  • improving the community’s understanding of HIV prevention, as well as providing better care and support.

Hear from Andrew, World Vision Australia Portfolio Manager

Chicken farm changing lives

Sarudzai is a treasurer. But she never imagined she’d be one. She keeps the books for the community-run chicken farm in Materera, Chihota.

Leaning on the outside of the office wall, she says the project has transformed her life, teaching her skills that mean she’s confident that she could run her own business. But perhaps most importantly, the project has given her the confidence and self-esteem to talk to anybody.

The chicken group are now trying to work out what the next step is – should they start household businesses or expand their business on the existing site. The chicken group is now self-sufficient and comprises 13 workers – 11 women and two men.

It incorporates a bio-security system to minimise the risk and impact of disease on production. It is co-sponsored by Zimbabwe’s largest chicken company Irvines, and produces 2,500 chickens in each six week cycle. The current batch has been sold out as the success of the project means they can’t meet market demand.

This fantastic story is just the beginning. Having seen the faces of the people in the community in the Chihota area, the change your support makes is real. Together we’re making a difference.

Andrew Newmarch

Portfolio Manager Africa Team
World Vision Australia

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