Shine the light of generosity on a vulnerable child.

Christmas is a time where every child deserves to have light in their lives. But the harsh reality is, 160 million children are trapped in darkness because of child labour alone. 
As Australians, we believe that all children should have the freedom to laugh, learn, play and reach for their dreams – especially at Christmas time. 
By sponsoring a child, you can help empower them through life-changing education, health and child protection programs. Sponsor a child today so their little light can shine this Christmas. 

This Christmas, you can help change a child’s life.

Smiling girl from Bangladesh

From child bride to shining scholar

Just before her exams, Sumaiya, from Bangladesh, was ordered to get married. But at a World Vision adolescents club, she learned what marriage at a young age can do to a girl's physical and mental health. "I sought help from my friends and the World Vision staff," says Sumaiya. Together, with village elders, they came to my house and spoke to my parents and convinced them to call off the wedding." 

African boy with folded arms

From child labourer to star student
Mike, 11, is still in school because he is a World Vision sponsored child. Because of the cost-of-living crisis, many of his friends have dropped out to support their families. As a World Vision sponsored child, Mike’s family has been empowered with the means to feed and educate their children. “If I achieve my dreams, I will be able to fix the challenges that my family faces,” he says. 

Your sponsorship this Christmas will help protect children from violence 

160 million children

are enslaved in child labour today

12 million girls

are forced into marriage every year

250 million children

are trapped in areas affected by conflict and violence

Light up a child’s world through sponsorship this Christmas  

Sponsor a child today 

When you sponsor a child, you provide them with child protection and empower them through education. 

How does child sponsorship work? 

For $48 a month, you get to create a real connection with a child, and support them through a range of development programs.