For the first time ever, children can now choose their own sponsors, which, for many children could be the only choice they've ever made for themselves.

Rend Collective

Rend Collective support child sponsorship

A spiritual and creative powerhouse, Rend Collective is a Christian folk/rock worship band originating from Northern Ireland. Embarking on their Revival Anthem tour they partner with World Vision in a shared message of empowerment, championing the world’s most vulnerable children through the pioneering Chosen child sponsorship program. 

“Sometimes we spend so much of our time looking at what we don’t have rather than being thankful for what we do have. Our time on social media, comparing our lives to others, steals our joy and leaves us empty,” shares Gareth Gilkeson. This statement speaks to the validation the sponsor experiences by placing the power to choose in a child’s hand; to shape their own future and become change makers in their community. 

The power of chosen

Chosen has arrived; empowering a child with the choice to transform their life – and yours. Prepare to step into a life-changing connection where your support empowers a child and their community to create lasting, sustainable change.

Thank you

Chosen happy children

To Rend Collective supporters who signed up to be the first Aussies to be chosen. The first Choosing Party in Uganda has now happened and life-changing connections between children and their chosen sponsors have been made.

More information on the next available Choosing Party will be available in the coming weeks - keep an eye on our homepage.