Chosen - Photo Terms of Consent

I grant World Vision Australia (WVA), all its affiliated organisations and members of the international World Vision Partnership (or agents thereof) (WV), consent to use my photo with my first and last name for the purposes of the WV CHOSEN® child sponsorship program which will include WVA sharing an electronic copy of my photo to the WV entities located overseas that participate in CHOSEN® with WVA. 

I consent to WVA and WV using my image with first and last name (blurred to render unidentifiable in order to protect my privacy) in the background of videos and/or images for CHOSEN® marketing purposes. This can include social media, TV, digital and print media, and public relations activity. 

WVA will handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information on CHOSEN® see our FAQs


I hold harmless WVA and WV from any liability for use of my (or my child’s) image and agree that WVA and WV has unlimited use of my (or my child’s) image or likeness for the purposes above


Photos including people other than myself 

I have obtained the consent of other persons featured in the photograph for their image to be used for the purpose above.