Your support means food for children facing famine in areas like Afghanistan and East Africa.

Your support means food for children facing famine in areas like Afghanistan and East Africa.

Urgent - You can help stop children dying from undernutrition

In places like Afghanistan and East Africa, a deadly mix of conflict, climate change and COVID-19 is pushing communities towards a hunger crisis of catastrophic proportions. Globally, 41 million people – especially refugees – are on the brink of famine. 
Every 10 seconds a child is dying from undernutrition. You can help stop this by making a donation – any amount will help.  

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Where will the funds go?

The funds you donate to the emergency appeal will support emergency response and rehabilitation activities in the affected areas. We will use donations in Afghanistan when it is possible, and if it is not possible they will be used in other World Vision emergency response areas. Should we receive more contributions than needed for an emergency appeal, we will use the excess in other emergency-related activity. 

Your support will help save lives

What will your donations support?

COVID-19 means hunger for refugees

In the Bidibidi refugee settlement in Uganda, Evelyn, aged seven, and her extended family of 10 usually eat once a day if they’re lucky. Quite often they go for days without food. Before COVID, Evelyn’s father, James, used to work as a digger on farms, earning US$3 a day – enough to buy food for a few days. After the pandemic, the economy collapsed leaving many people without any source of income.

For refugees who have lost everything, a lockdown doesn’t just mean being restless or working from home. No income means no food. Evelyn’s mother, Annet, says they were forced to uproot young beans they grow in the garden to make sauce – just sauce – without any food.

Some people have even resorted to going back to South Sudan to look for supplies. “This is very dangerous,” said the village pastor. “Because our country is not safe yet. They end up getting killed as soon as they arrive there, and others are killed while still on the road.”

Being the eldest child in her family, Evelyn helps with chores such as washing utensils, plates and cups. When Aggrey, from World Vision, arrived at her home, the family’s last meal was 24 hours before – four cups of cassava porridge – shared among the 10 of them (quite often the adults don’t eat letting the children have more).

Aggrey saw Evelyn standing by the door looking sad and angry and asked her: “Is there anything I can do cheer you up?”

“Buy for us food,” she said, in a clear, hungry voice.

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Evelyn’s family are among those faced with the threat of starvation in Bidibidi.

You can help families like Evelyn’s by donating now.

If you would like to provide more regular and long-term support, you can sponsor a child.