You've watched In My Blood It Runs. Now you want to do more to help First Nations children and young people like Dujuan. 

By becoming a World Vision Australia Impact Partner you can help more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have a culturally appropriate education.

To become an impact partner:

  1. fill in the form below indicating areas you're interested in
  2. a World Vision Relationship Manager will contact you to help you build a sustainable partnership with First Nations communities.

Learn Our Truth campaign logo

Learn Our Truth campaign logo

Next steps for those who want to help

  • We're inviting you to be part of the new #LearnOurTruth campaign led by a First Nations Youth Organisation and Young Mob – a part of World Vision’s Australia First Nations Program.
  • Join us as we challenge the education system to teach the true history of Australia in schools. We need you to help make this critical step towards reconciliation a reality!
  • We're polling everyone who went to school in Australia, to gauge your satisfaction with what your school taught you about First Nation people, cultures and histories. Take the What History? What Truth? Survey  


I want to partner with First Nations communities and World Vision

I'm interested in the following opportunities:

Organising a virtual screening of In My Blood It Runs for my organisation and or network

Potentially visiting World Vision's Australian First Nations Programs in the Kimberley (Western Australia) in 2021

Signing my organisation up to support the #LearnOurTruth advocacy campaign.

I agree to World Vision's Privacy Policy.  We'll keep you updated with these and future opportunities to take action for justice with World Vision.

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3 Reasons why World Vision is partnering with In My Blood It Runs.

  1. We partner with First Nations people and organisations to reduce inequality and cultural disconnection around Australia. We see first-hand how important connection to culture is to the wellbeing of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

  2. World Vision is dedicated to providing young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a platform to call for self-determination and systemic policy changes.

  3. Inspired by Dujuan's story, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with the filmmakers and other impact partners. Together, we invite you to use In My Blood It Runs to start important conversations and challenge the structural systems which are unfairly disadvantaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait children.