Climate Crisis

This crisis impacts everyone. But the poorest and youngest people are being hit hardest.

Climate Crisis

This crisis impacts everyone. But the poorest and youngest people are being hit hardest.

Solomon Islands: Climate change will be a major roadblock to one of Australia's closest neighbours being able to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals: UNDP. 

Climate Crisis

World Vision works with people around the globe to overcome poverty as well as emergencies which force them to flee their homes.

Together, we've made great progress. One example is the number of people living in extreme poverty has dropped from 36 percent (1990) to 8.6 percent (2018).

But the climate crisis threatens to reverse many of the hard-won achievements - we must take action now!

Sign the petition demanding more action on the climate crisis

Young people are leading the call for stronger action on climate change and a more resilient future. And we're right behind them. 

As a child-focused organisation, World Vision supports the rights of children and young people to have their say on issues that concern them – now and in the future. 

World Vision Australia calls on the Australian Government to urgently:

  1. provide Australian aid to help vulnerable communities at the frontlines of the climate crises to adapt, survive and thrive in a changing climate.

  2. increase Australia's domestic commitment to strong action on climate change and emissions reduction.
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By signing the petition for Australia to take greater action to address the climate crisis, I'm stepping up my fight for justice. I'm challenging systematic causes of poverty and inequality here and around the world.  Please email me opportunities to raise my voice and take similar actions with World Vision. 

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Students at World Vision Global Leadership Conference

A crisis for people everywhere

Food and water security is anticipated to decline, making the path out of poverty even more difficult. Climate Change is also predicted to cause more extreme weather situations, and thus more natural disasters, that disproportionately impact upon the poorest people and nations. 
The United Nations recently called the Climate Crisis the greatest threat to everyone's human rights, saying: “The economies of all nations, the institutional, political, social and cultural fabric of every state, and the rights of all your people, and future generations will be impacted”

World Vision works to help people adapt to the climate crisis