Millions of people have fled Ukraine

The devastating effects, particularly for children who represent half of those displaced, will be felt for years. 

We welcome the Australian Government's commitment so far of humanitarian aid and refugee visas for people fleeing danger in Ukraine. It is critical that on top of their basic needs, children are given emotional and psychological support.

Australia can and should:
Provide AUD$20 million to help unregistered refugees inside Ukraine. They have severely limited or no access to basic services, food and water. This equates to almost 15 million people (a third of the population).Cross
Provide AUD$10 million of Australian aid to support NGOs on the ground. Address the unique needs of families and children fleeing the conflict.
Continue to help countries on the border of Ukraine to cope with the vast majority of refugees.

Offer peace and security to a growing number of families around the world escaping conflicts like the one in Ukraine. Raise Australia's annual permanent humanitarian refugee intake from 13,000 to 20,000.


World Vision is working to ensure that adequate preparations are in place to assist children and their families should they be forcibly displaced as refugees to Romania.


Ask your local Federal MP to ensure Australia immediately steps up our support for the people of Ukraine fleeing conflict - especially children!

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Nadine Haddad - Conflict & Fragility Policy Expert World Vision

Why the Ukraine crisis will ripple far beyond Europe

by Nadine Haddad, World Vision Australia Humanitarian Policy Advisor. Published in the Canberra Times March 21 2022


World Vision is already working in Ukraine and neighbouring Romania and Moldova. We are providing child protection and mental health and psycho-social support for children.

Staff have been supporting refugees since the outset of the crisis with water, food, hygiene and child-friendly kits, as well as heaters to the mother-and-child rest stations at the border.

We are supporting a massive convention centre in Bucharest, Romania, ground zero for refugees. Imagine if Rod Laver Arena (Australian Open) was turned into a mass refugee shelter – that’s the reality here.

Over the six month period, we aim to assist around 450,000 people in Ukraine, Romania and Moldova

Got more questions? We've got answers:

The Government has provided temporary visa options, for visiting Ukrainians in Australia and for Ukrainians fleeing the war to Australia. Displacement is often drawn-out. It will take some time to establish the extent of permanent resettlement needs for those who temporarily seek a safe haven here. 
Australia should increase its annual resettlement of refugees from 13,000 to 20,000. This is needed especially now in a time when the Ukraine conflict has resulted in the biggest modern-era exodus of people fleeing danger at home. We can offer safety, security and a permanent home to people from other countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Myanmar and Ethiopia.
The Australian Government has announced it will provide AUD$65 million in humanitarian assistance to the Ukraine crisis.
We welcome a government allocation of  AUD$10 million for Australian NGOs (through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership) to help address education and critical protection needs for children, people living with a disability and those facing risks of gender-based violence.

Children in Ukraine are living through intensified bombing, causing them severe emotional distress, displacement and physical injury. Airstrikes destroy a child’s sense of security, which is fundamental for healthy childhood development.

World Vision stands ready to respond to the needs of children by providing them much-needed psychological first-aid as well as ongoing mental health and psycho-social support.

World Vision in Romania is assessing the likely long-term needs of the displaced so we can cushion the impact of this conflict - especially on children.

We are finding accommodation for refugees, providing food, phone cards and helping people find transport to their desired destinations.

Teams to provide psycho-social assistance to children and families. We want children to be safe and we will work to create programs that are protective and caring, so children’s development is not harmed.


Other governments have recently announced the following humanitarian aid to Ukraine: 

  • UK: £140m (AUD$260 million) committed this year, including a further £40m (AUD$74 million) in humanitarian aid recently announced

  • US: $54m (AUD $75 million) in humanitarian assistance 

  • Canada: To match $10 million (AUD$11 million) in donations to the Canadian Red Cross 

  • Our call for AUD $10 million to NGOs is comparable to Canada’s commitment

Recent humanitarian packages from the Australian Government include:  
  • Iraq (2017-21): AUD$116 million multi-year humanitarian and stabilisation package. 
  • Rohingya response (2017-18): AUD$51.5 million towards humanitarian response efforts, including AUD$7.5 million in Myanmar and AUD$44 million in Bangladesh. Included AUD$6 million through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership.

  • Southern Africa, Somalia and South Sudan (2018-19): AUD$24 million including:
    • AUD$10.5 million for South Sudan
    • AUD$10.5 million for Somali
    • AUD$2.5 million for countries impacted by Cyclone Idai