We acknowledge that our National Office is on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe.
Where the term Aboriginal or First Nations is used we are referring to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Let's get an Aboriginal Cultural Educator in every school

Let's get an Aboriginal Cultural Educator in every school

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To Australian Education Ministers,

I want you to teach the next generation of students about our shared histories with Aboriginal people. For millennia their cultures, laws, ceremonies and connection to the land has been strong and is enduring. It's core to our understanding of ourselves as a nation, and shouldn't be treated as optional.

Let's get a local, Aboriginal Cultural Educator in every school.


Together local schools and local aboriginal communities will be able to tackle discrimination, promote self-determination and move our nation along the road to Reconciliation. You have the power to inspire all Australian children to build a society grounded in Aboriginal ways of being, doing and knowing.

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Our vision for education in Australia is for...

Our education system

To acknowledge, respect and truly integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, cultures and histories.

Our schools

To be a culturally safe place for First Nations kids to learn, free from all forms of discrimination. 

Our teachers

To have the confidence and resources to mainstream First Nations cultures and histories across the curriculum.

Our children

have regular real world experiences and connections in school and on country with First Nations people and communities from Kindergarten to year 12.

Our proposal to Federal and State Education Ministers:

Imagine if every school in Australia hired a local, qualified, well-resourced, First Nations, Cultural Educator to be on staff!

They could:

  1. Provide authentic connections for all Australian students to country.
  2. Teach students about local traditional custodians' culture and history.
  3. Help connect students and the wider school community to real, positive experiences and relationships with First Nations peoples and ways of being. 
  4. Build the confidence and cultural competency of other teachers on how to incorporate First Nation perspectives across the entire curriculum.
  5. Make our schools a culturally safe, learning space for students who identify as Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander people.