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We're passionate young people driven to create a fairer world by inspiring, educating and empowering young people to take meaningful action on poverty and it's causes. 

Young people + World Vision = Change

Whether you're at uni, school or are just passionate about working with other young people to create a world free from poverty, Vision Youth can help you take action for human rights, climate action and children's best interests around the world

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Start a group in your school 

Gather a group of leaders, find a supportive staff member, have World Vision run a leadership workshop, and start taking action to raise awareness and influencing your school. 

Start or join a group in your Uni

Don't wait until graduation to start making a social impact - volunteer to connect with your uni's Vision Youth club. New clubs start all the time, so if there's no club set up chat with Vision Youth's National Facilitator to plan your new group. Uni groups campaign for change on campus and beyond through public engagement, awareness raising, policy and advocacy. Work with other passionate young people and gain the skills that have led many VGenners into careers in development, policy, foreign affairs and social enterprise. 

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Vision Youth volunteers create change. At the grassroots level, we organise nationally and in our local communities to raise awareness for children's rights issues around the world. Young people volunteer with World Vision in schools and Universities to educate and inspire those around them to live ethically, raise their voice and participate in solutions to injustice.


We bring young people's voices to the people making big decisions. From politicians and government authorities to business leaders and public figures, we work with young people to find a seat at the table. 


We are a diverse movement founded on the idea that young people have a voice, and we should use it. We advocate for Human Rights and Sustainable Development  in solidarity with one another and with young people around the world. Join the Vision Youth movement today to 

Our current campaigns

Here's what we're taking action on at the moment.

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