Climate and disasters affect young people

and they deserve to have their voices heard.

Australians unite after a disaster. What if we unite before the next one?

To make every community resilient before disaster strikes we need a national conversation that includes everyone. Children and young people deserve to be part of that conversation.


The Our World Our Say report found Young people want action on climate and disasters. Most young people already live with disasters and believe climate change is making them worse. Our leaders must listen.


Sign the petition to call on federal, state and local politicians to listen to the voices of young people and implement the findings of the Our World Our Say report.

By signing the petition  I'm calling on Australia's leaders to listen to young people and take action on climate and disasters.  Please email me opportunities to raise my voice and take similar actions with World Vision.

Download the report

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Our World Our Say report

Australia's largest youth climate and disaster report reveals the way children and young people are already being affected by disasters in Australia, how they're already responding to climate change, and what they want to see from politicians and schools.

Young people are prioritising individual actions to address climate change, but real reductions in emissions need to stem from systemic action - Our World Our Say Report

“This is above all an emergency and not just any emergency. This is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced." - Greta Thunberg