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Our vision is life in all its fullness for every child. We’re committed to overcoming poverty and injustice through building lasting change.
Millions of vulnerable children have benefited from our work. And with your support, we can help many more.
Every 60 seconds …
a family gets water.
Every 60 seconds …
a hungry child is fed.
Every 60 seconds …
a family receives the tools to overcome poverty.

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About World Vision Australia

Helping children in need

Our programs and advocacy work have contributed to the wellbeing of 100.5 million children around the world.
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Reaching the vulnerable

81.7% of every dollar donated goes to field programs and advocacy work – helping families and communities.
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Decades of experience

For more than 50 years we’ve worked with partners worldwide to tackle poverty and its complex causes.
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Overcoming poverty together

We’re dedicated to helping vulnerable children thrive. We work with communities to help them achieve their development goals and forge pathways out of poverty. We believe in building lasting change.

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Featured Story
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Actions For Justice - First Nations People

World Vision is celebrating National Reconciliation Week – join us by acknowledging the country you are on at the moment.
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The untapped potential of agroforestry

Our Principal Natural Resources Advisor, Tony Rinuado, explores the potential that agroforestry has for empowering millions of smallholder farmers to improve their livelihoods and combat climate change.
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Aussie spirit fuels Africa's greatest transformation

Famine, Climate change
The Aussie who helped transform African desert into 200 million trees. Support work that helps farmers regenerate their land, increase food production and improve household income.

Communities in focus

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