Join us and raise your voice to empower 1,000 girls

Sponsor a girl's education so she can rewrite her story.

Every year, 12 million vulnerable girls become child brides. Many suffer a life of sexual violence, exploitation and abuse. It’s time to rewrite their story.
Join some of Australia’s most inspiring women, including Michelle Payne, Samantha Harris and Sunday Aryang, who are raising their voices for girls in poverty being taken out of school and exploited against their will.
Every girl deserves a voice, an education, and the opportunity to live a life free of fear. We are calling on Australians to join the movement to sponsor 1,000 of the world’s most vulnerable girls by 11 October, International Day of the Girl. Sponsor a girl's education so she can transform her world.

Watch inspiring Australian women raise their voices for girls facing violence

Liz, Sunday and Sam raise their voices 

Champion netballers Liz Ellis and Sunday Aryang, and First Nations model Sam Harris speak up for Parvina, Tumaini and Karima so their stories can be heard.

Michelle, Pallavi and Mel raise their voices 

Trailblazing female jockey Michelle Payne, acclaimed actor Pallavi Sharda and award-wining journalist Melissa Doyle speak up for Nyibol, Sumaiya and Leon.

Sponsor a girl. Help transform her life and her community.

Sumaiya's story

"Getting married now would be the death of my dreams."

Just before her exams, Sumaiya, from Bangladesh, was ordered to get married. But at a World Vision adolescents club, she learned what marriage at a young age can do to a girl's physical and mental health. "I sought help from my friends and the World Vision staff," says Sumaiya. Together, with village elders, they came to my house and spoke to my parents and convinced them to call off the wedding." 

Teriano's story

Teriano became the first girl in her village to go to university

When she was 13, Teriano was about to be forced into marriage with an older man. But because she was a World Vision sponsored child and had her school fees covered, Teriano managed to convince her mother to let her continue studying. Teriano now works in education programming and advocates for girls’ rights. 

Your sponsorship helps protect girls and keep them in school

4 other children

benefit with every child you sponsor

255,000 girls

advanced themselves through our education programs*

85,000 girls

were assisted and supported from our child protection programs

*Achievements in 2022 across all World Vision Australia programs, including those funded by child sponsorship

Sponsor a girl today 

When you sponsor a girl, you provide her with child protection and empower her through education. 

How does child sponsorship work? 

For $48 a month, you get to create a real connection with a child, and support them through a range of development programs.

We’re asking Australians to raise their voice and sponsor 1,000 girls by 11 October, International Day of the Girl.

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