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KIDS HOPE AUS. is a mentoring program that helps Australian children needing additional support, and their families.

Through a partnership between local churches and primary schools, KIDS HOPE AUS. works to improve opportunities for mentored children in the areas of education, self confidence and wellbeing.

Hear more from our mentors:

For one hour each week, a caring adult from the church mentors a child needing additional support at their school. This usually involves helping the child with homework, playing games, arts and crafts, or just spending time together.

KIDS HOPE AUS. assists churches to recruit and prepare caring mentors for ongoing mentoring relationships with vulnerable children. Churches are responsible for appointing a coordinator to run the program with the assistance of World Vision.

Find out more about Kids Hope

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Read our 2013 evaluation report for a look at the value provided by KIDS HOPE AUS.

Or read our summary of this document (pdf).

Kids Hope parent information

Who does KIDS HOPE AUS. help? 

Children in Australian public primary schools needing additional support...

Please click here to download the School-based Mentoring Powerpoint.

Over half a million school-aged Australian children could benefit from a one-to-one mentoring relationship.

KIDS HOPE AUS. focuses on children at primary school because during this phase the children are most likely to benefit from a close relationship with an adult. This is when self-esteem and values are learned, and critical academic skills are acquired.

Positive human relationships are essential for children to grow up happy and healthy. Yet many Australian children lack significant close relationships with a caring adult, other than their parents.

Children who receive help early on, especially those considered vulnerable and at-risk, significantly improve their chances for a good education, health and wellbeing, and social competence.

On 10 May, KIDS HOPE AUS. was featured on 89.9 Light FM as part of the National Volunteers Recognition week.

Hear what some mentors had to say:

, from left to right - Kirra Lewis - Program Support, Marylin Leermakers - KH Manager, Sue Rogers - Program Development Associate, Wendy Jarrott-Smith - QLD Program Development Associate, Luana Martin - KH Office Manager and Lisa Jenkins - Training and Development Associate.

Current number of KidsHope programs in Australia

KIDS HOPE AUS. Coordinator Training

KIDS HOPE AUS. Coordinator Training takes place around Australia throughout the year.  The two day training is compulsory for all coordinators to complete prior to commencing their KIDS HOPE AUS. program.  Please review the below requirements to ensure your church is ready to attend the training or call the KIDS HOPE AUS. National Office on (03) 9287 2606

  • Our church has reviewed the KIDS HOPE AUS. information pack  
  • Church Leadership has agreed to establish a KIDS HOPE AUS. program in a local school
  • Our church has appointed a Coordinator to lead the program
  • Our church has had at least an initial discussion with the school ( the KIDS HOPE AUS. team can help with this if necessary)
  • Our church has signed and sent the Affiliation Agreement or will bring it to training
We look forward to meeting your coordinator at training and serving you as you establish a dynamic and fruitful KIDS HOPE AUS. program in your local school.

Please complete the appropriate registration form and submit it as soon as possible to confirm your attendance.  Training does require a minimum number of coordinators to take place.
  1. KHA church affiliate agreement
    file (292.50 KB)

Quick facts

Location Australia
Related Issues Transforming Lives & Child Sponsorship
Focus Children needing additional support
Activity Mentoring children needing additional support in public primary schools
Support Methods
  • Register to find out more about KIDS HOPE AUS.
  • Become a KIDS HOPE AUS. mentor
Supporter Benefits
  • Regular KIDS HOPE AUS. newsletter
  • Mentor training and support
  • Change the life of a vulnerable child in your community

What will you receive?

Regular KIDS HOPE AUS. newsletter

Receive the regular KIDS HOPE AUS. newsletter and find out how caring mentors all over Australia are changing the lives of vulnerable children in their communities.

Mentor training and support
Mentors are thoroughly trained to understand how they can build a caring relationship with their mentored child. Learn how to enhance their learning capacity and help build resilience. Mentors are required to mentor a child for at least one academic year. Many mentors are usually prepared to continue beyond that time.

Change the life of a vulnerable child in your community
Imagine the satisfaction of personally helping a vulnerable child in your local community. See the changes that your time can bring and help your church and/or school to develop its networks and relationships in the wider community.

Many schools would love to have a mentoring program but face barriers of cost and time required to coordinate the program. KIDS HOPE AUS. helps schools to overcome these barriers because the program is coordinated by the church.

For further infomation download the guide to Kids Hope Aus - the power of one-to-one mentoring.