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Aid agency welcomes Lord Stern's call to take action on climate change and poverty

World Vision Australia has welcomed Lord Nicholas Stern’s statement today in Canberra that poverty and the management of climate change are the two defining features of our generation.

Speaking at the National Press Club, Lord Stern said both climate change and poverty required urgent and decisive action.

World Vision’s climate change campaign leader Rachel Coghlan said climate change and poverty had received little attention during the federal election and welcomed Lord Stern’s attempt to draw attention to the issues.

“Climate change threatens the basic elements of life for communities around the world,” she said.

“If left unchecked, climate change will cause increased food insecurity and hunger, increased water scarcity, and increased health risks to those people around the world who are already living in poverty.

“The devastating floods in Pakistan highlight the stark reality of the world’s changing climatic patterns and the impact this will have on vulnerable populations.

“World Vision supports Lord Stern’s call for a provision of short‐term finance to assist developing countries and communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.

“World Vision wants to see a sustainable world where children and communities can manage the threats posed by climate change.

“Australia can be a leader and set an example to the world by providing short‐term finance and transitioning to a low‐carbon and sustainable economy.

“World Vision urges the incoming government to support initiatives in Australia and in developing countries to help create a cleaner and healthier environment and a better future for our children and the world’s children.”


Rachel Coghlan is available for interviews.

Please contact World Vision’s media officer Sacha Myers on: 0457 926 018


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