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  • Australian government urged to give children a voice

    Australia should waste no time in signing and ratifying the United Nations’ international complaints procedure for children whose rights have been violated World Vision said today.  

    The Third Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a Communications Procedure (OP3 CRC) comes into force today, almost 25 years after the original Convention was opened for ...

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  • World Vision water relief as disease spreads in flood-affected Honiara

    World Vision water experts are racing against the clock to get clean water to evacuation centres across Honiara as children and their families suffer from diarrhoea due to lack of clean water and adequate toilets.

    World Vision partnered with Solomon Islands government groups and the Red Cross to install a water purification system that now delivers up to 60,000 litres ...

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  • Calling all innovators: Global $100,000 prize aims to improve children’s literacy

    Innovators from universities, academic institutions, not-for-profit and non-government organisations are being invited to develop software that offers new ways of improving children’s literacy in developing countries.


    World Vision together with the Australian Government and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) are calling for entries for the All Children Reading Prize Competition, ‘Enabling Writers.’


    The global, $100,000 ...

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  • G20 must rescue 168 million from child labour – Costello

    With one  in ten children across the globe employed in  child labour there is an urgent need for G20 nations to make sure their plans for growth are not built on the backs of the world’s innocents.

    International aid and development organisation World Vision today called on G20 decision-makers – representing 85 per cent of global GDP – to take ...

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  • Reconciliation key to Rwanda’s recovery: Costello

    Twenty years after a devastating genocide left more than 800,000 of their countrymen dead, Rwandans have a new lesson for the world, the chief executive of World Vision Australia, Tim Costello said today. 


    That lesson is that no matter how violent and vehement the conflict, forgiveness and reconciliation can bring extraordinary healing and hope, said Mr Costello who returned ...

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  • Statement: World Vision Australia Recruitment Policy


    We are mindful of the fact that many people will be concerned about the recent news of changes to the recruitment policy of World Vision United States.


    World Vision Australia’s employment policies are different from that of our colleagues in the US. We hire on merit and do not discriminate on the basis of gender or sexual orientation. ...

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  • World Vision responding to Solomon Islands severe flooding

    World Vision’s team in Solomon Islands is working with the government disaster response unit and have emergency relief items ready to distribute to people in the flood-affected capital, Honiara, as the country is on standby for a potential cyclone.

    Consecutive days of rain caused by a tropical storm have blocked roads and flooded large parts of the capital. World Vision ...

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  • World Vision responding to Chile earthquake and tsunami

    World Vision staff are responding to a massive 8.2-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Chile today.

    Waves of up to two metres have been reported to have hit Chile and Peru, but neighbouring countries stretching through to Central America could also be affected as waves continue to batter the shoreline. The tsunami could potentially hit Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and ...

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  • World Vision and football unite for One Goal

    World Vision Australia and the Football Federation Australia (FFA) are today launching One Goal – a partnership that will use football as a catalyst to improve the nutrition of children in Australia and across Asia.

    One Goal is an important initiative between World Vision and the FFA that will see the organisations collaborating together on how the aims and priorities ...

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  • World Vision ready to assist in wake of Cyclone Lusi

    International humanitarian agency World Vision is on standby ready to assist after Cyclone Lusi has left six people dead.

    A further six people are missing from flooding and mudslides that resulted from the category 3 tropical cyclone.

    World Vision Australia’s Head of Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Anthea Spinks said that an aerial assessment team was deployed today to identify the ...

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