From emergency response to maternal and child health to human trafficking and slavery, World Vision's subject matter specialists can provide expert opinion on a range of overseas aid, development and justice issues.

Tony Rinaudo
Natural Resources Management Specialist

Tony is involved in the development and promotion of agricultural-forestry-pastoral systems across a range of environments. He spent 18 years in Niger managing a long-term agricultural development program. The natural-regeneration reforestation methods Tony developed contributed to over five million hectares of land being re-vegetated in Niger. Tony was also instrumental in introducing edible seeded Australian acacias into Nigerien farming systems and for their promotion as a human food. Tony’s specialist areas are de-/reforestation, desertification, food security, sustainable farming and food production. Tony’s current focus is promoting reforestation internationally and facilitating ongoing research and development of edible seeded Australian acacias.

Melissa Stewart
Senior Advisor, Trafficking in Persons

Melissa has over 12 years experience working on policy and program responses to human trafficking and labour exploitation in the Asia and Pacific region and beyond. With degrees in both law and international development, Melissa acted as Technical Advisor to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Regional Office for East Asia and the Pacific for two years. Previously, Melissa was Senior Policy Advisor and Acting Deputy Programme Manager with a UN inter-agency project on human trafficking, UNIAP. Melissa has extensive knowledge on human trafficking, migrant labour, child protection, business and human rights, and the criminal justice response to trafficking.