China Earthquake

  1. In Child Friendly Spaces, young earthquake survivors began to recover.
  2. We’re helping quake-hit communities rebuild family homes, schools and health clinics.
  3. Cousins, Jin and Wenfeng, found shelter in a World Vision-provided tent.
  4. Many died as earth tremors toppled high-rise apartment blocks.
  5. Meals were provided amongst survivors in the days following the quake.
  6. Roads and bridges buckled and broke in China’s Sichuan Earthquake.

The earthquake that hit China’s Sichuan province in May 2008 was devastating. Nearly 70,000 people were killed and almost 5 million people left homeless. With immediate relief on the ground, and ongoing efforts that will directly help over a million people, World Vision continues to assist with the rebuilding of China's earthquake-ravaged region.

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A devastating earthquake registering 7.9 on the Richter scale struck China’s Sichuan province on 12 May 2008. The quake killed more than 69,000 people, injured over 370,000 and left almost 5 million people homeless.  

World Vision's response

World Vision provided emergency assistance to over 2.1 million people through the distribution of:

  • 300,000 kilograms of rice to 20,000 people 
  • 100 temporary health clinics serving 250,000 people 
  • 52,000 quilts
  • 21,000 tarpaulins
  • 5,500 residential tents
  • 5,000 family kits consisting of cooking utensils and portable stoves
  • 3,400 cooking pots
  • 2,234 wood-burning stoves for heating homes

World Vision also established 22 Child Friendly Spaces providing a safe environment for children to play, learn and share their experiences. As the need for more classroom space grew over the course of the year, World Vision set up 425 mobile classrooms and activity rooms to meet the needs of around 20,000 children. To help children prepare for their new school year, World Vision provided 10,000 return-to-school kits.

Funds Raised

Thanks to the generous support of Australians, World Vision Australia raised over $1.3 million for the emergency response. The funds have enabled World Vision teams to provide emergency assistance in the wake of the earthquake and will assist with long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction projects.

Ongoing Activities

World Vision’s ongoing response to the China earthquake will assist over 1.1 million people with relief, rehabilitation and disaster preparedness activities. We have now started work on our long-term rehabilitation program that will operate over several years and includes the rebuilding of:

  • 6,300 family homes across the three provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu
  • 54 schools
  • 15 dormitories
  • 156 school recreation facilities
  • 12 health clinics
  • 50 community development projects

World Vision is also working on projects to improve drinking water systems by installing new pipelines in various locations in Sichuan.

Stories - one year later

More than a year after this earthquake caused horrendous damage to several of China's provinces, World Vision remains on the ground, assisting with rehabilitation and rebuilding. Read and watch our stories, published in commemoration of this disaster of more than a year ago.