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Child Rescue

What is Child Rescue?

Child Rescue helps protect some of the world’s most vulnerable children: children living in horrific circumstances, often suffering serious physical and psychological damage.

Some children live in unstable environments or have no parents, no community framework or support network to turn to for protection. Simply because they don't have a birth certificate or fixed address, many of these children are deprived of their basic rights to protection, to go to school and to receive healthcare. Through Child Rescue you can help protect children at risk, and provide support and rehabilitation for children who have been the victims of exploitation and abuse.

Who does Child Rescue help?

Trafficked, exploited and abused children...
Each day, there are children all over the world being tricked, forced and sold into slavery, hazardous labour, combat, prostitution. Millions end up in brothels, factories, sweatshops and private homes. We don’t see them or hear their suffering. They have no voice.

Vulnerable children and their communities

Millions of vulnerable children live at risk; alone on the streets, torn apart by conflict or natural disasters, orphaned or living with families impoverished by HIV and AIDS. Some have disabilities and are marginalised in their communities. Many children are forced to migrate far from home to find work or to flee conflict, often travelling alone.

How does it help?

Your support will help provide rehabilitation and counselling for children who have been the victims of exploitation and abuse. You’ll also help protect vulnerable children through prevention and support services, as well as, emergency food and aid. Your support will be provided in the following ways.

1. To trafficked, exploited and abused children, through:

  • Protecting children who’ve escaped brothels or factories;
  • Counselling and rehabilitating children who’ve suffered abuse, bonded labour and slavery; and
  • Helping to raise awareness about trafficking, and giving a voice to trafficking survivors.

2. To vulnerable children and their communities, through:

  • Preventing the commercial sexual exploitation of children in poor countries;
  • Providing street kids with information and support services to improve their life chances;
  • Helping children who have been forced to migrate to be in less danger of exploitation;
  • Supporting families and communities to care for orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV; and
  • Providing support for children with disabilities who are at risk of being marginalised within their own communities 

Quick facts

  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Latin America
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Eastern Europe
Related issues
  • Street children
  • Child labour and slavery
  • Child trafficking
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Orphaned children and vulnerable children affected by HIV and AIDS, emergencies or conflict
  • Children with disabilities
  • Pledge $25 a month, or
  • Make a one-off donation
  • Rehabilitation and support for children and their carers and the prevention of abuse and exploitation
Support methods
  • Regular or one-off donation
Supporter benefits
  • Welcome card
  • Regular World Vision News magazine
  • Prevent exploitation and protect children trapped in desperate situations

What will you receive?

Welcome card
Your welcome card includes information on Child Rescue and the work your support will help fund.

World Vision Supporter Magazine
World Vision Supporter Magazine includes stories about children helped by our Child Rescue program and updates of World Vision's work around the world. You can also receive our regular e-newsletter World Vision News