Child Rescue helps kids be kids by protecting the most vulnerable children from exploitation, abuse and neglect.

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How protecting children helps

Through Child Rescue you help protect many children from situations of child labour and slavery, living on the street, trafficking, sexual exploitation, and other harmful situations.

Safe from harm

Help protect children at risk or victims of exploitation, abuse and neglect through prevention, support and rehabilitation programs, so kids are safe from harm.

Urgent protection

Child Rescue provides urgent help to some of the world's most vulnerable children, as well as long-term programs that disrupt the cycle of exploitation and abuse.

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You can help protect kids starting from as little as $15 a month.

Protecting Raj from harm

Raj has to work under terrible conditions. Child Rescue can help Raj.

When his dad died, Raj had to become the man of the house. His mum works hard to support Raj, his brother and sister, but her income from cleaning houses is not enough.

Raj is only 12 years old, but he works in a jewellery workshop near his home in India, just so his family can survive. It's tiring work - at least seven hours each day - and working conditions are terrible. The metal work cuts his hands and the chemicals sting his eyes. It's no place for a kid. Raj would much rather be in school. He wants to become a computer engineer one day.

It's possible to protect Raj. Our Child Rescue program works to keep kids like Raj safe from harm.

Through Child Rescue, Raj and his family are receiving support to break the cycle of poverty and child labour.

Through the program, Raj started attending literacy and numeracy classes to help prepare him for formal schooling. Recently Raj enrolled in school, and his dreams for the future are already looking brighter. Raj's mum has also started to learn ways to earn and save more so Raj doesn't have to work.

Now that Raj has the chance to go to school and his mum can earn a better income, Raj can go back to just being a kid.

* Name changed and face not shown to protect identity

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