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Reports, research and publications

World Vision’s extensive library

World Vision encourages the global community to work together for a world that no longer tolerates poverty and injustice.

In advocating for the poor, World Vision regularly researches and publishes a variety of publications – reports, briefings, reports and policy updates – on key development issues.

Our advocacy programs are based on extensive fieldwork with affected communities. We make it clear to agencies, governments and policymakers from many different political and religious systems that we seek only to represent the poor.

World Vision has many years of practical knowledge earned in a development context. Our learnings form a vast library of development practice that is extensive and insightful.

Our publications

  1. Our Annual Reports, Annual Program Reviews and Annual Evaluation Reviews are available in our About Us section.
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  2. World Vision Australia's Field Ministry Strategy 2008 - 2010 is a three-year strategy document, part of an ongoing communication to communities, staff, partners and the NGO sector to display World Vision Australia’s unique program offering and intentions. This strategy seeks to integrate advocacy, humanitarian and development actions. It focuses on higher-level conceptual analysis rather than tactical country-level detail.


  3. World Vision publishes case studies, reports and policies on a wide range of issues, categorised here under nine main areas: 

    Aid, Trade and MDGs 
    Australia and the Pacific 
    Climate Change 
    Gender and Development
    Human Rights
    Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs

    Publications range in topics from fair trade programs in South America, maternal and child health in the Asia Pacific and early childhood education in the Solomon Islands. Reports on issues such as early marriage, child labour and human trafficking, and policy papers linking climate change and poverty are also available for download.


  4. World Vision International's quarterly journal, Global Future magazine, features debate on important development questions and articles from policy makers, grassroots activists and development practitioners, including World Vision staff. Each issue of the magazine deals with a topical theme, such as trade, human rights, HIV and AIDS, corporations and conflict. Go to Global Future online for access to current and past issues of the magazine.

  5. Parliamentary Bulletins - World Vision’s Parliamentary Bulletin is produced twice a year. It is distributed to all 226 Federal Parliamentarians and other government representatives. It provides World Vision with an opportunity to brief parliamentarians on key issues of concern to the organisation.

    Download previous editions: Election 2013Apr 2013Dec 2012June 2012 | Aug 2011 Jun 2011 | Mar 2011 | Aug 2010 | Mar 2010 | June 2009 | Dec 2008 | Jun 2008

Featured Reports:

Economic development and World Vision
July 2013, World Vision Australia
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Island Nation or Global Citizen?
October 2011, World Vision Australia
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  1. Finance Report - Climate Change
    .pdf file (1.05 MB)
    November 04, 2011
  1. Report: Effective Aid: Helping Millions 2011
    .pdf file (552.64 KB)
    May 19, 2011