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World Vision works with churches to meaningfully and holistically engage with matters of poverty and justice and to help Christians continue impacting the world for God’s Kingdom. World Vision works across countries and issues. This allows us to connect with an area or issue that relates to your church’s existing passions and interests.


Planetshakers have been working with World Vision for over 10 years to sponsor children and supporting various projects around the world.

Planetshakers is now partnering with World Vision in Malawi supporting the Nkaya Area Development Project. Find out more about this project.

For more information on Planetshakers Ministries visit Planetshakers.com or their Facebook page

Youth Alive - Love Is

Youth Alive

World Vision is partnering with Youth Alive in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. We are both excited about mobilising the next generation of passionate young people about poverty and justice.

Check out Youth Alive in your state:

Soul Survivor Logo

Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor is a youth movement that aims to see young people in NSW/ACT get passionate about their faith in Jesus. They are known for their passionate worship gatherings and encouraging young people to live out their faith in word, spirit and action.

In 2012, they are taking their annual conference to 8 rural locations in NSW and calling it 'Soul In The Bush'.

Soul Survivor has been working with World Vision for more than three years now, and as a network of individuals and youth groups sponsor many children from Umzimkulu, South Africa. Many of these youth groups also host the 40 Hour Famine each year in their churches, and attend regular "soul.world" events to learn more about how God is at work throughout the world.

Soul Survivor also supports World Vision's Child Rescue program and is active in the Don't Trade Lives campaign.

Visit www.soulsurvivornsw.org.au, their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter: @soulsurvivorNSW 

RICE logo


RICE is one of Australia’s most progressive evangelical youth movements claiming 7,000 members, who are committed to reaching the youth and young adults of Sydney with the love and message of Jesus.

The RICE leaders have had a prayerful sense that God wants them to focus their attention on Africa. In April 2011, Founding Leaders Steve & Naomi Chong began their journey with World Vision by visiting Zambia & Zimbabwe with CEO Tim Costello.

A number of the youth groups in the RICE network already participate in the 40 Hour Famine each year.

Visit the RICE website, Facebook page or follow Founding Leader Steve Chong on Twitter : @stevechong

Christian Surfers Australia Logo

Christian Surfers

Christian Surfers Australia is a mission organisation focused on sharing the love and message of Jesus to surfers right across Australia. They have 47 mission groups in Australia, and globally have representatives in 32 nations.

Christian Surfers work closely with local churches in the region's where they operate and host a number of events throughout the year including the Jesus Pro/Am surfing competitions and Paddle Against Poverty fundraisers.

Christian Surfers in the Central NSW Region are especially supportive of World Vision, raising funds for our work in Indonesia through their Paddle Against Poverty events.

The leadership team of the Jesus Pro/Am did the 40 hour Famine for the first time this year as well! 

Visit christiansurfers.org.au or jesusproam.com.au  or their Facebook page