Water, sanitation and hygiene

  1. Children in this Cambodian village enjoy better health because of a new water well.
  2. In Chennai, India, Sathivani washes her family's clothes beside a sewerage drain in an overcrowded slum.
  3. World Vision is helping communities in Tanzania to gain access to clean water.
  4. When a community gains access to clean water, improvements in the health and wellbeing of children follow.
  5. Drinking and bathing in dirty water helps to spread diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery and intestinal parasites.
  6. Hayimnot, aged 4, drinks clean water from a covered well.
  7. Communities in Niger drink dirty water from the Niger River and this causes illness and disease.
  8. In Ethiopia, an irrigation scheme harnessing an underground spring helps farmers grow more crops.
  9. Veronica collects dirty water from an unkept spring near her village in Uganda.

Imagine a life where access to clean water was a constant struggle and a constant risk. World Vision works with at-risk communities to ensure that safe, fresh water is never far away from anyone’s lips.

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Video: Water and sanitation change lives

Clean water and sanitation are vital to breaking free from poverty. Find out how, with your support, World Vision is helping people get access to clean water and better health. Read more

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May 07, 2015

"This is sad :(  Oh no, dear me this is bad! This is very bad! I do not like this! So tragic, these poor people! "

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Nov 18, 2014

"It's terrible that people live like this, but it honestly makes me so happy knowing that people are doing something about it and providing them with the important t..."

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nina zeleny
Sep 26, 2014

"Fantastic effort Emily! What a wonderful thing to do and you worked so hard to do it. I did not know you were doing this and had I known I would have sponsored you...."

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The Deves family
Sep 25, 2014

"Well done, Emily! An inspiration! We'll give $25 to World Vision."

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