13 April 2011

Why is it happening?

  1. In the Middle East, many families struggle for a better life against a backdrop of chronic conflict.
  2. In Latin America, natural disasters are occurring more often and hitting poor communities the hardest.
  3. Poverty in Africa is being intensified by conflict, extreme weather conditions and HIV and AIDS.
  4. In countries like India, the gap between the rich and the poor is growing.

Each community we work with has different needs. World Vision brings globally proven approaches together with each community's own strengths to address their specific challenges, while keeping the wellbeing of children as the focus of all we do.

World Vision Australia is currently supporting more than 230 Area Development Programs across Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Our work in each region is informed and affected by challenges such as the following:


  • Climate change and the Global Financial Crisis have greatly increased the number of people living in poverty
  • Asia accounts for more than 40% of the world's maternal and under-five child deaths
  • Vulnerable families face the risk of human trafficking and exploitative child labour
  • Neglected rural development in some countries contributes to undernourishment and poor health


  • Weak democratic processes, poor governance and budget constraints contribute to poor provision of basic services such as healthcare and education
  • Climate change is contributing to food insecurity in many African countries, with droughts and food shortages on the increase
  • Sub-Saharan Africa is home to two-thirds of all people living with HIV and AIDS and the number of children orphaned or made vulnerable by the pandemic is increasing

Latin America

  • Extreme inequality exists in many communities, particularly in countries like Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia and Chile
  • Discrimination and violence against women and children is widespread
  • Natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes are occurring more frequently and with greater intensity

Middle East and Eastern Europe

  • Ongoing civil unrest and conflict affect many countries
  • Large populations of displaced people struggle for a dignified life
  • Child labour, abuse and sexual exploitation are problems throughout the region
  • Increasing urbanisation is leading to rising urban poverty and unemployment
In a world made more complex by challenging new social, political, economic and environmental factors, World Vision's unswerving focus is on ensuring the wellbeing of children.

Through child sponsorship, Australians can help communities to break the cycle of poverty and bring about long-term sustainable change, giving children the chance to fulfil their potential.