13 April 2011

Who is it happening to?

  1. Thanks to child sponsorship, Levy is now full of energy and loves to play soccer with his school friends.
  2. Before child sponsorship, Levy was weak and malnourished. Going to bed hungry was normal for him.
  3. Levy’s life has been transformed since World Vision started development work in his community.

Levy from Zambia has experienced many positive changes since World Vision commenced work in his community with the support of Australian child sponsors. His story demonstrates the lasting difference that sponsorship can make in the life of a child and his or her community.

When World Vision first met Levy in 2003, he was a small and malnourished four-year-old. Going to bed hungry was normal because Levy’s family could only provide one small meal a day.

To make matters worse, the water Levy drank was dirty and it often made him sick. He barely had the energy to move and World Vision staff worried that he might not survive.

But things began to change when Levy's community became part of a World Vision Area Development Program and when Levy was sponsored by Kate from Australia. Within two years, he was barely recognisable. He had grown considerably and was healthier, stronger and had lots of energy to play with his friends.

With help from the program, Levy's family had developed a garden next to their house where they were growing enough food for their needs, and Levy was now eating two nutritious meals a day.

Before, his family had to walk more than 3km to collect water from a dirty stream. But now there was a borehole only 200m from their house that the whole community was benefiting from.

The support of Australian sponsors had also helped Levy's community build a school and a health clinic.

In the years since, life for Levy has continued to improve. He attends school regularly and his teacher reports he is doing well. His favourite game is soccer which he plays enthusiastically with his friends.

Levy’s sponsor Kate has watched his progress with delight. "The transformation in Levy’s life since sponsorship began has been amazing," says Kate. "Seeing him so happy and well is really a fantastic feeling."

Stories of transformation like Levy's are unfolding in hundreds of communities around the world because of the generous and long-term support provided by World Vision child sponsors.