30 January 2013

Busting Australian aid myths

With Australia Day just past, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate living in the lucky country and the values our nation stands for.

One of those values – the idea of barracking for the underdog – is considered a quintessentially Australian trait.

If this is true, then Australia’s overseas aid program, which (according to World Vision estimates) saves 200,000 lives every year and supports hundreds of thousands of the world’s poorest people to improve their lives, is the embodiment of this value. But in recent times, public support for the aid program has wavered. 

The truth is, not many of us know what Australia’s aid program actually does. 

But a new initiative called Good Aid Works aims to change that - it aims to show Australians the amazing work of our country’s aid program. 

Have a look at their infographic which busts the many myths that exist about Australia’s overseas aid. Did you know, for example, that Australians spend more each year on their pets than on overseas aid?

The Good Aid Works infographic also looks at how Australia's money helps improve other people's lives (click on the image below to see the infographic in full).

Infographic: How does Australia spend its foreign aid money?

In addition to these examples, Australian aid is funding an innovative approach to tackling gender-based violence in the Solomon Islands. In a country that is 97 percent Christian, a new project is working with churches to challenge traditional understandings and inaccurate Bible teachings about gender roles and domestic violence. 

There are new resources being added to Good Aid Works all the time, so be sure to check back in regularly and let’s give Australian aid the support it deserves.