Transforming lives and child sponsorship

  1. Through transformational development, World Vision is working to achieve wellbeing for all children.
  2. In Africa, many of our programs help families and communities respond to the challenges of HIV and AIDS.
  3. In Peru, Florentina's children are now enjoying a healthier diet because she received help to grow vegetables.
  4. World Vision helps to train community health workers to monitor children’s health and nutritional status.
  5. In Tanzania, mosquito nets and community education help protect children like Taji and her family against malaria.
  6. Child sponsorship elevates the status of children in their community and tries to ensure their views are heard.
  7. World Vision child sponsors are encouraged to exchange cards and letters with their sponsored children.
  8. Our development work aims to strengthen the capacity of families to support their children’s growth and development.
  9. Children play a key role in enabling positive changes in their families and communities.
  10. Projects help farmers like Masly to grow more food by providing agricultural training and inputs like seeds and tools.

“It takes a village to raise a child.” World Vision encourages Australians to sponsor a child, and then works to ensure that the benefits to individuals and disadvantaged communities are meaningful and long-lasting.

How you can help:

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Around the world, almost 400,000 children are sponsored by generous Australians through World Vision. Their contributions are helping to create positive changes, not only for their sponsored child, the child's family and community, but also children in other sponsorship communities, for generations to come.

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shirley Marsh
Apr 23, 2015

"No thanks to Australia's reduced commitment to aid."

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Shirley Marsh
Apr 23, 2015

"The richest country in the world cutting aid when world populations are at their most vulnerable due to terrorism and civil unrest? Good move Joe; all heart."

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Darel McAllister
Apr 23, 2015

"Australia has a strong economy really and sacrificing overseas Aid is derogatory to human rights. We should share the bounteous gifts of our own country with others..."

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Kiyara Grenfell
Mar 26, 2015

"The ridiculous cuts to the aid budget is neglecting the fact that these human beings need help, they should have the opportunity to be able to have, at least, the b..."

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