11 February 2010

How you can help

  1. Outside a health clinic in Ghana, mothers line up for treated mosquito nets to protect their children from malaria.
  2. In Zambia, midwives have the additional challenge of mothers who may transfer HIV onto their children.
  3. Kabita joined a World Vision program to learn how to prepare nutritious meals for her dangerously underweight daughter.
  4. In a region of starvation, Halima visits a World Vision clinic that has saved more than 700 children from malnutrition.
  5. Mrs Kham no longer has to journey to a neighbouring village now World Vision has organised help closer to home.
  6. Immunising babies reduces the risk of dying of preventable disease in the vulnerable first month of life.
  7. World Vision offers mothers classes in nutrition for newborns and children that can lead to lifelong good eating habits.

World Vision is tackling the problem of maternal and child health head on. We have programs addressing health in the field as well as a global advocacy campaign that everyone can be involved with.

World Vision believes that women need not die giving life and children need not die from easily preventable disease.

Child Health Now is World Vision’s first global advocacy campaign. Child Health Now campaigns for governments in both developed and developing countries to meet their commitment to Millennium Development Goals 4: to reduce child mortality by two-thirds.

Join the Child Health Now campaign and keep up to date with actions you can take to help mothers and children in developing countries.

The solutions to maternal & child health issues are well known, proven and cost effective - and many of them are incorporated into World Vision’s Child Sponsorship program activities. Sponsor a child through World Vision and you'll be lending strong support to the work World Vision does to improve the living conditions and alleviate the health concerns of mothers and children in the countries we work, all over the world.