17 November 2010

Who do we work with?

  1. Our Young Mob Leadership Program partners with Indigenous high school students from Sydney’s inner suburbs and hopes to expand to regional areas.
  2. Lorraine and her daughter Trixie are among regular participants at one of the World Vision-supported playgroups in four Warlpiri communities in the Northern Territory.
  3. World Vision works with the Early Childhood Reference Group from Lajamanu in the Northern Territory. They meet regularly to discuss and support local early childhood development activities.

World Vision aims to make a difference by building strong partnerships with people, communities and organisations that are also committed to the wellbeing of Indigenous children and their families.

We are committed to Indigenous Australian communities for the long haul.

We work locally, fostering community-led solutions. And we work to strengthen the people and organisations that strengthen community.

World Vision works at all levels of the community. We help to foster partnerships between communities and local service providers, government and non-government organisations and industry to create pathways for lasting change.

You can be an important contributor to this work by donating to Linking Hands.

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