20 July 2009

What is our response?

  1. By focusing on the care and development of young children like Leo, World Vision hopes to create a brighter future for Indigenous communities.
  2. The World Vision supported-Epenarra Artists are exploring natural silk dyeing techniques using bush medicine plants.
  3. World Vision’s Indigenous Art Project is exposing community artists and art workers to all facets of the industry so that they can build their own successful art program.

To create a brighter future and transform the lives of Indigenous Australian children needs all members of community to have their say and be involved. Listening, collaborating, sharing knowledge and working together to find local solutions for local needs is part of our response.

World Vision shares 60 years of international development experience, knowledge and skills with our partners to respond to disadvantages experienced by Indigenous Australians. 

World Vision’s projects are:

  • community-led – supporting communities to identify their needs, solve and then run their own programs;
  • strengths-based – promoting what people already do well and building on existing skills, knowledge, ability and leadership;
  • partnership-focussed – working together with community at all levels, service providers, government and non-government organisations and industry. 
World Vision’s project activities: 
  • involve people at all levels of community
  • are collaborative
  • do not displace or duplicate existing organisations or services
  • support people to know and understand their rights and responsibilities
  • promote access to the knowledge and resources needed to improve wellbeing 
World Vision is an active member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Working group. We follow the guidelines provided by the ACFID Indigenous Development Practice Note (PDF).

We invite you to respond by becoming a Linking Hands pledge partner. By contributing to the work of World Vision your money will support early childhood learning, pathways for home ownership and develop young Indigenous leaders.

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