Improving incomes

  1. After receiving training, orphaned youths in Rwanda have started their own bakery business to support themselves and their siblings.
  2. In the suburbs of the Ethiopian capital, women are earning income through pottery.
  3. Miltilda established her shop with a loan she received through a micro-enterprise project in Zambia.
  4. In Afghanistan, Aisha works in a World Vision-supported venture making school uniforms for children in need.
  5. Sodina (left) and Rayati are members of a World Vision-supported women’s group in Bangladesh that weaves and sells clothes and linen.

Opening up economic opportunities for people living in poverty is a fundamental first step in helping them transform their lives. By identifying the ways incomes can be improved, communities can begin the process of wealth creation: an integral part of reducing poverty.

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Video: Changing lives with economic growth

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