05 April 2011

How to make ethical Easter eggs

  1. DIY Ethical Chocolate Easter Eggs! Click 'Next' below to start
  2. Step 1. Break chocolate into small pieces into a double boiler on the stove or microwaveable bowl.
  3. Step 2. Stir over low heat as it melts.
  4. Step 3. Lightly coat egg moulds with oil.
  5. Step 4. Pour melted chocolate into moulds - careful not to overfill!
  6. Step 5. Cool the filled moulds in the fridge.
  7. Step 6. When chocolate hardens, remove from moulds and “glue” together with melted chocolate.
  8. Step 7. Any gaps around the edges? Seal by piping melted chocolate around the seams.
  9. Step 8. Reset in the fridge.
  10. Step 9. (The Final Step!) Gift wrap eggs in a small bag and tie with ribbon OR wrap individually with foil.

This Easter, wow your friends and family with Easter eggs made with love (and ethical chocolate!)

Cocoa used to make big brand chocolate is regularly harvested in part by child and trafficked labourers in West Africa. 

“Ethical Chocolate” refers to cocoa that is independently certified to have been harvested without the use of forced, child or trafficked labour.

By making your own ethical chocolate gifts this Easter, you can make a choice to support farmers who guarantee no involvement by trafficked people in harvesting their cocoa beans.

World Vision - through our Don’t Trade Lives campaign - calls on the global chocolate industry to guarantee farmers a fair price for their cocoa and eliminate exploited labour from cocoa production by 2018. 

And that includes Easter eggs.

So, you're ready to go?

Click next in the photo gallery above to start your step-by-step guide.

You'll need:

  • Ethical chocolate (see our Good Chocolate Guide for brands and stores)
  • Easter egg moulds
  • Food colouring (if using white chocolate) or food essence for flavour
  • A double boiler or heatproof bowl
  • A rubber spatula