09 March 2012

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami in pictures one year on

  1. Reconstruction continues in areas devastated by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.
  2. At a children’s workshop, a girl records her ideas about how children can be involved in the recovery effort.
  3. The Azumare tea salon provides a place for survivors of last year’s disaster to gather, share stories and support each other.
  4. Even though the space was created with elderly people in mind, a small space with children’s books has been set up so younger members of the community also have a place to visit.
  5. The local fishing industry was hit hard by last year’s earthquake and tsunami.
  6. With support from World Vision, these ‘wakame’ fishermen were able to return to work in time for the harvesting season.
  7. Families evacuated from Fukushima reported feeling socially isolated in their new homes. This reunion provided a chance for them to reconnect with old friends and neighbours, and discover where they now live.
  8. For children from Fukushima, a trip to another city gives them the opportunity to play outside without fear of radiation.
  9. With support from Japan’s government, essential warehouses destroyed in the disaster have been restored.
  10. Child Friendly Spaces seek to provide children and young people a place to feel safe after a disaster.  World Vision established this CFS in Tome City after the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March 2011.

A year after Japan’s tsunami and earthquake, much of the clean-up has happened and reconstruction has begun. Click through these photos to see how World Vision’s work has helped children, families and their communities to recover from the crisis.

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