Blog: On the ground in Haiti

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  • Reflecting on the Queensland floods, from Haiti

    Meg Sattler, Communications Officer, World Vision Haiti - Emergency Response

    When disaster is your reality, sometimes your view of Australia can become a little skewed. It’s easy to see Australia as untouchable, a kind of haven away from the rubble, the endless poverty here in Haiti.

    Of course, deep down you know that isn’t true. Australia is prone to all kinds of natural calamities – drought, floods, fires, hurricanes. The Black Saturday bushfires affected my own ...

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Our bloggers in Haiti

Meg Sattler

Meg Sattler has been seconded to World Vision Haiti as a Communications Officer for their Emergency Response Team.

Laura Blank

Laura Blank is an Emergency Communications Specialist working for World Vision in the United States. She was deployed to Haiti for a month immediately after the earthquake struck and has returned to continue supporting the response.

Madeline Wilson

Madeline Wilson works with World Vision Australia’s Humanitarian & Emergency Affairs team as a communications specialist. She has previously been deployed to emergencies in DR Congo, the Cyclone Nargis Recovery Program in Myanmar, and the October 2009 Indonesia Earthquake.

James Addis

James Addis is Senior Editor for World Vision's United States Magazine.

Ruth Mlay

Ruth Mlay is World Vision Australia's Country Program Coordinator for Haiti, responsible for managing Haitian projects funded by Australians. Ruth was in Haiti working with World Vision Haiti staff on disaster preparedness training for community disaster management when the earthquake hit.