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Our work

Across five continents and in over 60 countries, World Vision carries out development work to address the causes and consequences of global poverty.

In this section, you can discover the issues that contribute to poverty worldwide, and the actions World Vision takes to tackle them.

Transforming lives and child sponsorship

Child sponsorship helps change lives for
children, their families and their entire communities.

Learn more about transforming lives and child sponsorship.

Climate change

Climate change leads directly to poverty for the world's most disadvantaged communities.

Learn more about climate change.


See how our rapid emergency response saves lives and protects the vulnerable.

Learn more about emergencies.

Food and nutrition

World Vision helps create sustainable farming practices and educates communities about nutrition issues.

Learn more about food and nutrition.

Human trafficking and slavery

Protecting at-risk individuals is just one way to end the terrible crimes of trafficking and slavery.

Learn more about human trafficking and slavery.

Improving incomes

Assisting people and communities to generate and sustain incomes is essential to poverty alleviation.

Learn more about improving incomes.

Indigenous Australia

World Vision works in partnership with
local communities to create a better future.

Learn more about Indigenous Australia.

Maternal and child health

Thousands of mothers and children die every year from causes related to childbirth. But there are effective solutions to maternal and child deaths.

Learn more about maternal and child health.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

Lack of fresh water leads to disease and malnutrition but there are solutions.

Learn more about water, sanitation and hygiene.