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Purchase from our range of books and merchandise that will educate, inspire and equip you to make a difference in the world. You can also learn more about our work by talking to one of our friendly team members in a shopping centre near you.

Book: Vision of Hope, Mother and child

By Ken Duncan and friends

This beautiful and inspiring collection of images and stories by Ken Duncan and friends celebrates the universal bond between mother and child. Proceeds go towards supporting World Vision's work to transform lives in some of the world's poorest communities.
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Book: Hope by Tim Costello

From encounters with the Dalai Lama and Barack Obama, through to stirring moments shared with the hungry and the suffering, Tim's stories are a celebration of love, faith and life.

All proceeds after publishing costs will be donated to support World Vision's work around the world.
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Book: God of the Empty-Handed
Jayakumar Christian argues that, to provide sustainable solutions to powerlessness, poverty and oppression, it is critical to challenge and redefine power from the perspective of the kingdom of God.
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Book: World Poverty for Dummies
For $25 a copy, this book is a fantastic resource to discovering the causes and possible solutions to poverty, worldwide. 
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Book: Another Way to Love
Edited by Tim Costello and Rod Yule, this compelling book explores Christian social reform. Just $25.
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Book: Surf for your life
Mick Fanning might only be 28 but he already knows how a lot of things feel that most of us never will. $34.95
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Jasper coffee
World Vision and Jasper Coffee, have formed a partnership to bring you an exquisite Fairtrade and Organic Certified coffee from Ethiopia.
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Book: Not For Sale
The book Not For Sale, by David Batstone, is an invaluable tool for learning about modern slavery.
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Book: Give a man a fish
An exquisite gift, this book is packed with beautiful photos from all corners of the world and words from all corners of Cameron's mind.
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